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Four Toolsets For Managing Your Business Performance

Create a high performance business process that leaves nothing to chance. 


Business Process Designer

Create a Dynamic Business Plan

Project Network Navigator

Create a Network of Managed Projects

Player Delegator

Delegate Player & Team Accountabilities 

Process Regulator

Map Out and Manage the Flow of a Process




 Business Process Navigator  

The Business Process Navigator Application offers four toolsets for managing planning, projects, people, and process. In a chaotic universe which is all powerful it is unlikely that was can get a process to work consistently. people make a big deal about human error, but it is human beings who correct things when a process goes off track. being a pilot of the process means continuously getting it back on track. In order to get something back on track – it has to be on track in the first place. With a complete busines process plan the pathway into the future becomes clear. The stepping-stones of this process are a series of projects, carried out by specific people in accord with a precise process. A high performance project or team integrates projects, people & process in accord with a plan. Each of the four tools offers a way to deal with these four very different elements.



Tool 1: Business Process Designer

Build a business plan that both sets the vision of the future and the pathway to fulfilling that vision. 

Tool 2: Project Network Navigator

Build a network of projects that can be completed within the time selected frame to carry out the plan..  

Tool 3: Player Delegator

Build a network of players and manage them effectively as they engage in completing the projects.

Tool 4: Process Regulator

Install a system for regulating the activities so the plan stays on track and projects get completed.. 



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